Journey between the salt pans of Trapani and Paceco and the Egadi islands. (November - December 2013)

the idea was to show the salt pans, beyond the usual colorful summer tourist chaos, which recall the same ones: a different land. Without flashy colors for amateur postcards, a secluded land, which lives beyond the active splendor of its product even during the cold months. A silent space that offers undertone, deep, heavy in the winter months. solitude of a land that is still alive, profitable, and offers its product every year. Being there during that period was a good choice. Silence and solitude and scarcity offered by those area was a source of incredible creativity for me. I couldn't have made a better choice to document those places. Desolate scenarios. Places of worship for nature lovers. Sure (as highlighted by some published images) , twilight weaknesses in twilight o from landscapes at sunset I've had  too, but how could I not describe in detail spaces and islands illuminated from nothing after tempest, palpant with an uncomfortable calm... a beauty for a few that I tried to reproduce in my shots to offer it to everyone!?!

the small publication (as can be seen from these images and if you want to delve deeper by leafing through the pages of the book that you will find on the website), was successful. The conviction of believing that I have succeeded, working amidst demanding difficulties, in reproducing and transmitting to you those nuances that so struck me and have remained with me, makes me believe that this has happened...

…to still be remembered with emotion.